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Mechanical fitness equipment business opportunities: Indoor sports fashion
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      The summer season, a variety of graceful posture greets, fitness, fashion and now it has become the city's young men and women anywhere. While the world has been reduced to the time between the two mouse, more and more people began to move into the home fitness equipment, the popular "Fitness." Fitness perfect condition, so that fitness is no longer affected by seasonal changes in the environment, the body becomes "sexy" has become more and more people pursue goals.
      [Market Opportunities]
      Our fitness equipment production despite a late start, but growing fast. Our successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the more rapid development of fitness equipment manufacturing industry provides a good space and broad market prospects. In recent years, the number of fitness equipment in the world market export proportion has been rising, China has become the world's largest producer of fitness equipment.
From the international trend, the number of women in the United States using only gravity training in the past 10 years has increased by more than one-fold, from less than 800 million in 1988 to 1997 more than 1700 people, gravity equipment utilization rate increased significantly.
      According to the Shanghai Institute of Sports Science as a social survey showed that 12 000 people interviewed, 65% of people indicated that they have a need or intend to purchase fitness equipment.
      [Expert opinion]
      Expert: Our fitness membership packages by selecting Statistics found that the proportion of men and women select "repair body sculpting" is 2:3; "increasing muscle strength," the ratio of 5:4; the proportion of "endurance enhancement" is 1:1; "freely flexible "ratio of 3. This shows that more and more women began to focus on improving physical function. Set aerobic exercise, strength training, improve heart and lung function, endurance, flexibility and coordination as one of the "body sculpting body repair" will be the most popular combinations. And for a particular part of the exercise, there are some people in the past errors, such as want to have a beautiful belly, crazy doing sit-ups every day is not only ineffective, the potential may actually be counterproductive. Weight and Strength reasonable strength exercises is the fundamental way to repair the body.
Fat footprint is five times the same weight of muscle! That is, if you replace with an equal weight of muscle fat buttocks or thighs, your hips or thighs will be reduced five times, but also has "five times" the strength and health.
Many people have asked several times on average one week workout is effective? Experts answer is: to continue its efforts to reach an average of exercise three times a week will feel better!
      [Kind of] fitness
      Treadmill: Treadmills are the most effective aerobic exercise device for all types of personnel, machinery and electric treadmill treadmill. Older workers may choose mechanical type treadmill, it is a proactive way of running, running speed from their grasp, the user can walk according to their own situation, jog or sprint. Young people can choose electric treadmill, it is a passive way of running, according to their physical first set running speed, force trainer Click to speed running.
Strength fitness equipment: This is the most common gym equipment, varieties, including weightlifting racks, push racks, rack crunches, pull-down trainer, pull-up training devices, integrated training equipment, etc., are generally larger gym configure dozens of series equipment, targeted exercise certain parts of muscle strength, fitness can select the appropriate equipment to practice according to their own site.
      A variety of race cars categories: including bicycles, walking machines, stepping machines, aerobic exercise while it also allows the cardiovascular system get exercise. It is compared with other traditional exercisers easy fatigue, suitable for all types of people.
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